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Web Comics


From the web page to print.  "Creepypasta" is the first illustrated comic book inspired from tales of the internet.  For years, creepypastas have bounced around from forum to forum, unnerving anonymous users.  Now we can see these stories and stories inspired by them come to life in Creepypasta, a hardcover double issue with two freaky tales.  Readers will  love the eerie stories capture between the pages of this book.  Written by Vincent V. Cava and Mr. Creepypasta, Creepypasta is the book internet horror fans and comic book fans alike have been waiting for.  

Just Past Midnight

Follow our first web comic, Just Past Midnight, for short horror stories that will scare you with just a few panels.  Written by Vincent V. Cava with art from Felipe Kroll, Just Past Midnight offers a stylish new way to approach the online web comic format.  With new comics every week, the scares just don't stop.  Make sure to share the comics with your friends and family on social media!

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